Shas'vre Dann



Leader of Crisis Team Gamma
Model Assignment: CDR-01
Deathrain-Pattern Crisis Suit Pilot (Twin-linked Missile Pods + Velocity Tracker)
Dann is normally cold and kind of rude, but hates the idea of “losing” and strives to fight to the end. Dann was also previously a disciple of Shas’nel Wes’li, and offered to transfer to join him on his new assignment. She has reprimanded Mon’pan on several occasions but cannot deny that his brash actions won the cadre’s first engagement.
Dann and her Crisis Team acquitted themselves well in the battle against the Necron invasion force, although she was dismayed to heard that Shas’ui Frin died in battle, without having to experience a single victory for the Greater Good.


Survived Kill Team Game vs Astra Militarum 6/11/2016 (Todd)
Injured 2000 pt Game allied with Astra Militarum (Todd) vs Necrons (Brent) 2/22/2017

Shas'vre Dann

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