Strike Team Alpha

Alpha is a twelve-strong Strike Team in the Third Sphere Saints. As indicated by it's official designation, it was the first element of the cadre to be organized. Their equipment loadout consists of pulse rifles, with support from a pair of Fire Support Drones and a DS-8 Support Turret.

Points Data

Total Cost of Strike Team Alpha: 148 pts

Shas'la Kurona, Shas'la Sakona, Shas'la Hi'lun, Shas'la Laren, Shas'la Onei: 45 pts

Shas'la Bahja: 9 pts

Shas'la Dea: 9 pts

Shas'la Idam: 9 pts

Shas'la Ka'spir: 9 pts

Shas'la Kin'si: 9 pts

Shas'la Meara: 9 pts

Shas'ui Lein: 19 pts

D.FS.002: 15 pts

D.FS.008 "Hawkeye": 15 pts

Current Team Members

Shas'ui Lien, Strike Team Leader

Shas'la Kurona, Drone Control Specialist

Shas'la Sakona, Electronic Warfare Specialist

Shas'la Bahja, Rifleman

Shas'la Dea, Rifleman

Shas'la Hi'lun, Rifleman

Shas'la Idam, Rifleman

Shas'la Ka'spir, Rifleman

Shas'la Kin'si, Rifleman

Shas'la Laren, Rifleman

Shas'la Meara, Rifleman

Shas'la Onei, Rifleman

D.FS.002, Fire Support Drone

D.FS.008 "Hawkeye", Fire Support Drone

Former Members

Shas'ui Eris, Promoted to leader of Breach Team Beta


Shas'la Mirro, Rifleman

Shas'la Mokar, Rifleman

Shas'la Orin, Rifleman

Shas'la Ra'da, Rifleman

Shas'la Ryza, Rifleman

Shas'la Shanoc, Rifleman

Shas'la Zirria, Rifleman

Strike Team Alpha

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