Pathfinder Team Eta

Eta is the main scouting and sharpshooting team of the Third Sphere Saints. They were assembled out of fresh recruits after Shas'ui Griez transferred to the cadre. Both Shas'nel Wais'li and Griez agreed that the newly-developed Ion Rifles were too dangerous to seriously consider for battlefield use, and instead the fire support specialists in Eta use the older standby, the humble Rail Rifle. The team has also been assigned a Recon Drone, Pulse Accelerator Drone, and Grav Inhibitor Drone to use at need.

Points Data

Total Cost of Pathfinder Team Eta: 224 pts

Six Pathfinders: 66 pts

Three Pathfinders with Rail Rifles: 78 pts

Shas'ui Griez: 21 pts

Recon Drone: 29 pts

Grav-inhibitor Drone: 15 pts

Pulse Accelerator Drone: 15 pts


Current Team Members

Shas'ui Griez, Pathfinder Team Leader

Pathfinder Team Eta

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