Shas'la Meara



Rifleman of Strike Team Alpha
Model Assignment: FWS-06
Meara is somewhat spooked that the new cadre has already had casualties, and makes sure to carry a good luck charm into battle. She has recently struck up a close friendship with Sakona, and relies on the other’s confidence when she feels out of her element.
Meara considered working with the Astra Militarum against the Necrons to be an extremely bad idea, not just for reasons of fortune or luck, but because Meara didn’t trust the humans not to betray the Greater Good somehow.


Replacement for casualty Shanoc
Survived 1000 pt Game vs Astra Militarum 2/2/2017 (Todd)
Survived 2000 pt Game allied with Astra Militarum (Todd) vs Necrons (Brent) 2/22/2017

Shas'la Meara

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