Shas'la Laren



Rifleman of Strike Team Alpha
Model Assignment: FWS-03
Laren secretly believes that she was meant for the Air Caste, and looks forward to the day when she can wear a Crisis Suit and join her true brothers in the sky. After seeing the Ghostkeel and Stealthsuits work brutally to take out Astra Militarum armour on Walden, she was become even more opinionated that Crisis suits are the height of Tau jetpack technology.
Laren has recently started collecting and assembling model spacecraft, and hanging her favourites above her bunk back at base.


Survived 1000 pt Game vs Astra Militarum 2/2/2017 (Todd)
Survived 2000 pt Game allied with Astra Militarum (Todd) vs Necrons (Brent) 2/22/2017

Shas'la Laren

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