Shas'la Kurona



Drone Control Specialist of Strike Team Alpha
Model Assignment: FWS-07
Kurona is kind of a loner and prefers the company of machines to people, which is why he volunteered for Drone Control training. He has a great deal of affection for his childhood friends, however, and keeps in touch. While he didn’t come up with the nickname for “Hawkeye”, he’s privately glad that his fellow Alphas have started respecting their drone support.
Despite having no drones to control, Kurona operated the DS-8 Support Turret during the battle against the Necron invaders. He’s started referring to the turret as “Atlas”, but is a little afraid to say it out loud since this the same support turret that Shas’ui Eris operated when she became famous.


Survived 1000 pt Game vs Astra Militarum 2/2/2017 (Todd)
Survived 2000 pt Game allied with Astra Militarum (Todd) vs Necrons (Brent) 2/22/2017

Shas'la Kurona

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