Shas'la Bahja



Rifleman of Strike Team Alpha
Model Assignment: FWS-12
Bahja is a sanguine and sarcastic personality, occasionally grating on her fellow fire warriors, but also well-liked for her humour. Despite her occasional acerbic statements, she was in awe of Aun’ui E’lys as everyone else, and fought with a cold-hearted precision during her rescue.
She was terrified while fighting against the Necron invasion force, but her biting sense of humour kept up morale in the face of their implacable foe.


Survived 1000 pt Game vs Astra Militarum 2/2/2017 (Todd)
Survived 2000 pt Game allied with Astra Militarum (Todd) vs Necrons (Brent) 2/22/2017

Shas'la Bahja

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